From The Editor

Dear colleagues,

       with proud and pleasure, and with wholehearted support from the Dean Professor Sead Redžepagić, we are presenting this year's first issue of the scientific-expert journal “Stomatological Review”, published by the Faculty of Dentistry University in Sarajevo.

Along with certain breaks in publishing, “Stomatological Review” celebrates its 45th anniversary this year. As you probably know, previous editions were indexed on PubMed for Medline and the intention of editorial is to get indexation of the Journal in relevant data basis in near future.

This year, we will publish two issues with original scientific and professional articles, preliminary communications, case reports, book reviews and summaries of the congresses' reports so as other information from the field of bio-medicine and health care.

You have before you eleven original scientific and expert articles that were doubly peer reviewed by the Bosnian and Herzegovina and international experts from the field of dentistry. It is a proof of the existing need for such scientific journal with contemporary concept which would publish the articles from dentistry and related bio-medical disciplines.

Dear Colleagues, the readers of “Stomatological review”, all suggestions, considerations, proposals, praise and criticism are very welcome. I'm positive that you will, by your active participation and together with editorial members, contribute that “Stomatological Review” becomes recognizable within scientifically esteemed data basis and that it will be of use to all of us, and especially of young researchers, as the support to their scientific and professional development.

"Verba volant, scripta manent"

Editor in chief:
Doc. dr. sci. Sadeta Šečić